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Avoid PPT corruption using PPT Recovery Tool

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most native tool to design effective and impressive presentation. It is the easy to use and user friendly tool which proves to be suitable for every kind of users ranging from beginners to expert professionals. Presentation of any subject can easily be prepared using MS PowerPoint tool. However, you may be surprised to know that even simple PPT file gets corrupted or damaged. Whatever efforts you have put in while making the presentation, completely go in vain when the PowerPoint file corrupts.

When the PPT file corrupts, it starts flashing various error messages on screen stating corruption in the file. The error messages repeatedly come when you try to open the corrupt PPT file. Some of the error messages that usually come are listed below:

  • "PowerPoint Viewer can’t read C:\path\filename.ppt"

  • "PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close"

  • "PowerPoint found an error it can’t correct. You should save presentations, quit, and restart PowerPoint."

To get rid of corruption issues there is a manual method that helps in doing PPT Recovery. The Open and Repair command of MS PowerPoint enables the users to repair the file damaged due to abrupt system shutdown, virus attack and various other reasons. To execute the process, follow the steps:

  • Start MS PowerPoint.

  • Select the Open button.

  • Select the corrupt PowerPoint presentation and then click the down arrow beside the Open button in the Open dialog box.

  • Select the Open and Repair command. As you select the command, you are prompted to either click the Repair button or Extract Data button.

  • First click the Repair button and see if the command works. If the command works, your PowerPoint presentation file will be repaired that you can reuse.

  • If, clicking the Repair button does not work then click the Extract Data button. Doing this will provide you with the RAW data embedded in the slides that can be reused to recreate the PowerPoint presentation with special effects.

When the corruption case becomes severe, the manual method fails and a great need of commercial recovery tools is felt. The Recoveryfix for PowerPoint effectively repairs all the files infected with severe corruption along with retrieving texts, images and objects instantly.